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A Goodbye Letter From the Addict to the Addiction

Getting out of rehab and attending meetings help keep you away. I have a job now and am living with a roommate. While most of my friends went to college, have good jobs and stable relationships, I am still overcoming the hurdles that you have caused me. I cry a lot from the regret of our relationship. But at least I’m eating now and my teeth are healing. For one writer, writing about her struggles with alcohol abuse was the first step towards leaving addiction behind for good. But the truth in that is it sets me free. I know you have all control of me, that in your grip, I lose everything.

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Had I overdosed and died, you would have moved on to someone else in less than a heartbeat. But it didn’t matter; I was the person you had chosen at that moment. I started off every day trying to find you because I desperately felt that you could fix dear addiction letter all of my problems. I fail now to comprehend why it took me so long to understand that you were the problem. I also question myself on why it took me so long to leave you ultimately. My sponsor asked me to write a farewell letter to my addiction.

This Is What No One Tells You About Living With A Chronic Illness

I would never have learned that I am not to blame for the lack of love my mom could give me. I would not have thought it so important to take protect those around me. You were the flame that lit the fire ultimately uncovering my passion. Beating an addiction can be challenging, but there are ways to help make it less so. I did feel broken but today I feel restored. My recovery has allowed me to build a much stronger self than I ever imagined. I trust I can’t trust you and there is no blame or resentment in that fact. It is a fact and a symptom of addiction I simply have no control over.

No antibiotic would cure this in days. Hearing these words come from my son’s mouth, not the district attorney’s office or the coroner, was extremely encouraging to me. I knew that night, at that exact moment; I would stand by my son forever and ever as he worked on his life without you. I never doubted my ability to cope with this situation. His professional experience includes the entire spectrum of treatment from detox to long term residential treatment. I am writing this letter to you today to express exactly how I feel about your drinking . Our conversations have led to promises made in the past and some very important ones have not been met. This is affecting my own personal health on a physical, mental and emotional level. Your drinking has also been devastating financially. Many days and nights are spent worrying if you are hurt or in the hospital or in jail.

Dear David: Dealing with My Son’s Addiction One Letter at a Time

So here I am thinking about you all the time again. The only difference is now you have turned from drugs into food. 101 Tips for Recovering from Addictions can help transform the life of any recovering addict from bleak to bright. These practical suggestions give hope, from Sober House seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, to realizing this light holds a promising future to reclaim. This book helps to make addiction recovery possible. Going to score drugs and meeting new people who were in relationships with addiction just like me was a rush.

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